Angela Viora


Academic publications

I publish internationally in peer-reviewed scholarly journal and collected editions. I write on performance and visual art, embodiment, audience reception, architecture and public art, migration, and education. I am currently working on my first monograph on the process of performance art (Routledge, 2024). 



Monash University

Viora, A. (2023), “Performing(on) Permeable Layers of Dwelling: B.O.D.Y. The Bureau of Domestic Yearning.”, Forum Kritika on Dancing Democracy in a FracturedWorld (special issue), KritikaKultura Ateneo, ISSN: 2094-6937.

Viora, A. (2022), "The Audience-Audience Relationship (...)" in Dimeo Álvarez, C., F.,Brenet, T., J., Głowacka, A., Hasior, A. (2022). El cuerpo del espectador / el cuerpo dellector (presencias reales del teatro y la literatura). Berlin, Germany: Peter Lang Verlag. Printed. DOI: 10.3726/b19456

Viora, A. (2021). “A Performative Investigation of the Agency of Sound: Mapping the Sound/ Soundscape Portrait.” Australasian Drama Studies Journal, 79.

Viora, A., Evangelista, A., York-Pryce, S., Vionnet, C.,Dramé, A., Scally, W. D., & Agaronov, A. (2021). Six IlluminatedVideos. Journal of Embodied Research4(2), 2 (31:25).DOI:

Viora, A. (2019), Analysingthe Performance Art Process Through the Forces of Fragmentation and Union: An Offer. Monash University. Thesis. 

Viora, A. (2019), ‘The Foreigner – Unknown Unlabelled Unexpected’, Performing Ethos, 9, pp. 91–96, DOI:10.1386/peet_00009_7.Printed.

Viora, A. (2017), ‘To Be or Not to Be There. When the Performer Leaves the Scene and Makes Room for the Audience’, Performance Research, 22:8, pp.135-143, DOI: 10.1080/13528165.2017.1433392 Printed.

Liotta V. and Viora A(2012),‘Il Giardino delle Farfalle’(‘Butterflies Garden’), Arte,architettura e paesaggio (Art, architecture and landscape). Edited byMaspoli Rossella and Saccomandi Monica. Alinea Edizioni, Firenze (IT). Printed.

Non-academic publications

I enjoy writing for broader audiences on artivism (art + activism), social issues, contemporary art and culture, and all things Italian. 

Viora, A. (2023), "Caravaggio's Shadow. Caravaggio as an artist of the people". ABR Australian Book Review, ABR Arts. 2nd October 2023. 

Viora, A. (2023), "‘The Love of My Life’: The extraordinary story of an ordinary couple". Monash Lens, Politics and Society. 30th June 2023.

Viora, A. (2023), "Fare Cultura to Create Harmony". Segmento MagazineIssue XXIX. Printed.

Viora, A. (2023), "Beauty is in the heart of the beholder". Segmento MagazineIssue XXVIII. Printed.

Viora, A. (2023), "La GRAnde Bellezza". Segmento MagazineIssue XXVIII. Printed.

Viora, A. (2022), "Piccinini's Celebration of Life, Diversity and Hope". Segmento MagazineIssue XXVI. Printed.

Viora, A. (2022), "Back to the Mould: what we think is "gone" is full of life". Art & CultureSegmento Magazine.

Press & Media (selected)

I am grateful for the interest in my academic and artistic work. Here is a selection of press and radio interviews as well as books and articles discussing my work. A complete list of interviews and featurings is available on my CV 

SBS Italian. 'THE P.R.OMISED LAND: Alla scoperta dei nuovi italiani in Australia

Tarquini, Francesca. 'Accento e passaporto per sempre parte di me', Il Globo, 18/09/2023.

'Viva l'Italia' with Tony Tardio, podcast by Tony Tardio, 2nd Sept 2023. Melbourne (AUS)

Bennet, Sophie. 'Not 'bru-shetta': The Italian bill that would ban the use of English and mispronunciation'. SBS News, 4th April 2023.

Bleeker M.,Laine E., Metzger S., ‘How PSi Works: The Practice of Performance Studies’,Critical Stages/Scenes critiques, IACT Journal/Revue de l’AICT, June/Juin2019: Issue No 19. 

Tomassini, Stefano. Tempo Fermo – Performance e Danza alla Prova dell’Impossibile,Scalpendi (Milan, IT), 2018. EAN:9788899473808 https://www.ibs./tempo-fermo-danza-performance-alla-libro-stefano-tomassini/e/9788899473808

SBS RADIO Interviews and Podcasts – SBS Italian, Melbourne (AUS)

RAI ITALIA TV, Angela Viora, dottoranda – performance artist, by Paolo Massa and Stefano Corti.  14th April 2017

‘Melbourne#47 –Sense of the City’ -

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