I have been working for many years as a visual artist. I work across different media including painting, drawing, etching and art installation. In recent years, I have also started to work with performance and video. I explore the transformational power of performance art by means of site-specific and durational works. For me, performance art offers experiences and thus knowledge through possibilities. Performance art allows me to engage in a direct relationship with places and people, and this process is deeply linked to drawing and etching. I deal with the surface and the media I use for drawing and etching just as I deal with a performance site, its audience and elements: I have a starting idea but I also let the process and the energy of the site and the audience guide me in a sort of exchange. At the end of this process, everything will be different: surfaces, places, other people and myself. I am currently a PhD candidate in Performance Art at Monash University (Melbourne, VIC).

“Angela Viora graduated in Painting (BA) and Visual and Performing Arts (MA) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. However, her education is not just artistic, because she earned a Teaching Diploma during her secondary education. The interest in the relationship with “the others” and the importance of the ongoing relationship with reality are familiar elements of Angela’s research and have their origins in the study and knowledge of the Humanities, in particular Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Angela’s way of working is emblematic: she starts from herself (her experience, her body) and then, she wise[s] us up to the surrounding reality and makes us part of it. Through her work, she pushes us to become conscious of some aspects of the reality that, maybe, we have never considered before. For doing that, Angela works with various medium, to drawing to performance, and her ability to manage different medium is one of her main strengths in terms of art. In particular through the performance, she brings into play herself and then, she builds correspondences with people and places. I want to underline her peculiar ability to analyse the present, to involve people and recognise their active role into her work, to create site-specific artworks.”

– Cristina Giudice, Historian and Associate Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, IT

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